IMG_2923Robert Twomey (b. 1979, Washington, DC) is an artist exploring the poetic intersection of human and machine perception. Trained as a painter and engineer, he integrates traditional forms with new technologies. He has created a computer simulation of a grandmother with Alzheimer’s disease, a body of work exploring the fantasy of an imaginary daughter, and recreated John Searle’s Chinese Room as an exchange between synthetic child voice and robotic child drawing.

Twomey has worked in a range of research centers throughout his career, notably the Center for the Study of Learning, the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts, and the Experimental Design Lab with Natalie Jeremijenko. He has used neuroimaging to explore the basis of reading and language perception, built pollution-hunting Feral Robotic Dogs, created experimental game interfaces and 4K stereo animation, and is completing his dissertation on the home, A Machine for Living In, at the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media at the University of Washington.

Twomey is currently an Assistant Professor in Digital Media at Youngstown State University. He received his BS from Yale University with majors in Art and Biomedical Engineering, his MFA from the University of California, San Diego, and is a PhD Candidate in Digital Arts and Experimental Media at the University of Washington. He has shown his work in the US and abroad.




rtwomey [AT] ysu [DOT] edu



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