Cleaning The Stables

CLEANING THE STABLES is a participatory sound walk meets locative cinema experience. Herakles’ fifth labor, redirecting two rivers to flush the stables, echoes on as a bizarre cult legend. In headphones, participants explore a speculative future of geoengineering and management systems gone wrong.

Presented at Without Walls (WOW) Festival 2023, the La Jolla Playhouse. (link)

“Ash Eliza Smith and Robert Twomey‘s “Cleaning the Stables” had guests don headphones as they tidied up parts of Jacobs Park, asking us to listen to and record thoughts as we explored the sinister ways in which gamification is overtaking our daily lives.” (Los Angeles Times)

“Really joyous, really delightful, irreverent with a hint of poignancy around the environmental themes.” (No Proscenium podcast)

Top: Onboarding and character introductions for participants

Above: Participants wave to Heraklean Tower

Above: RESONATE dance interlude