Convex Mirror

he set himself / With great art to copy all that he saw in the glass.

-John Ashbery Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror

Resuming Parmigianino’s project of self-portraiture in our contemporary era, this project uses a CNC plotter, 180º circular fisheye lens, and custom software to record a layered image of place. Substituting computer vision and precision automation for the human eye and hand, this project operates at a physical precision and temporal duration beyond what is humanly possible. Laboring over a three-month period it produced a series of 6 site-specific drawings documenting the Amazon campus in downtown Seattle.

Installed on the Amazon Campus

Drawing 3

Glitch Drawing

Image sensor burn out from continuous use
Detected contours in glitched image
Drawing rendering glitched images

Convex Mirror Process

Image through Fisheye Lens
Extracted Contours (opencv)

Cumulative Drawing