AI Radio Play

AI Radio Play: Live Participatory Worldbuilding with GPT-3 is an introduction for writers, theater makers, and creatives to generative text through a hands-on workshop with culminating in a live, machine co-authored radio show.

Recent advancements with large language models demonstrate remarkable achievements in text synthesis, understanding, and generation. This hands-on workshop introduces state-of-the-art transformer models (GPT-3) through an interactive event culminating in a live radio play performance and internet broadcast. Participants will gain experience with collaborative worldbuilding, liveness and improv, and collective co-authorship with AI, particularly the variation induced through the unknowable contributions of improvisatory humans and large language models.

The first workshop was hosted for ISEA2022 Possibles, June 11, 10-6pm CEST. The second iteration will occur at SLSA 2022 @ Purdue, October 6-9.

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Participants at ISEA 2022 Possibles
Performers and organizers during the broadcast.