World Picture Machine

An experimental visualization of visual/textual data. This project images internal rather than external space: in the same way that a camera pointed at the outside world produces an endless stream depicting a coherent visual world, this program assembles material from an internal collection to image an emergent interior world. It runs in the background on a computer, combining its selections of video, text, and imagery into an event rendered out live. A personal slideshow on methamphetamine.

Individual clips and images are interwoven in shifting sequences and durations, exploring the contingency of interpretation as determined by context. This is a process of recirculation: for the artist, a cognitive feedback device, to consider the nature and possible meanings of an image. It is one of a series of hybrid studio/programming projects dealing with data and cognition, exploring the analysis and interpretation of personal data.

Reference material overload.

Isn’t it about the particular decisions, preferences, moments of documentary impulse that went into the creation of each of these media items, more than the combination, sequencing, collision of them in any case?

Or maybe it is about the selective development of ideas.

Linear trajectory through a database.

avoid repetition between these videos. don’t re-use media.
develop towards a better sequence/object.


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