nano motor board


I’ve designed a circuit board to use the Arduino Nano with 3 Pololu Stepper drivers, for running GRBL in embedded CNC systems.

A number of us around DXARTS have been using this setup to drive the mechatronic/CNC portion of our projects.

The board features:

  • 3 axes
  • breakouts for all of the nano pins
  • 4 pin breakouts for makerbot/reprap style mechatronic endstops (signal, +5, and 2 GNDs)
  • 4 pin breakouts for motor coils
  • standard 0.1″ spacing on pinouts, can attach friction-lock molex type connectors, screw terminals, or solder wires directly to the board
  • linear design allows you to physically trim the board to remove unused axes

I’m manufacturing some of these shortly¬†with our LPKF circuit mill.