Cultured Data Symposium

How can data science and the arts and humanities learn from one another?

Two days of events February 7-8 considering the growing digitization of the cultural record and the explosion of new data generation, collection, and analysis practices create a new state of cultured data: culture as data, and data as a driver of culture. Our symposium examines this emerging condition, considering both how analytic techniques enable new understandings of culture, and how the proliferation of data in everyday life changes how culture is produced, distributed, and influenced. In these panels, we wrestle with new modes of scholarship and cultural production enabled by data-forward analysis methods, and consider perspectives from the arts and humanities for data science practice. What can these disciplines teach one another about their possibilities and limits towards realizing a more just, informed, and culturally-rich future?

With 200 RSVPs for both days, and a robust and diverse turnout, the event was a success!

Day 1 Talks @ Atkinson Hall, UC San Diego:

Stay tuned for complete archives of the talks and performances on the website: