POM21 Berlin – Beyond Classification

A network diagram showing transitions between images in an audio visual piece
State Transition Diagram for GPT text generation and CLIP/BigGAN image translations

Joel Ong, Eunsu Kang and I presented an an intervention for Politics of the Machines 2021 in Berlin. With three human and non-human pairs—Joel with his Euglena Gracilis (Emotional Sentiment/Light,Text), Eunsu with her Violet (Viola/Speech), and me with my text and image agent (GPT3 and CLIP/BigGAN/CMA-ES)—we discussed the machinic sublime in a performative roundtable.

Eunsu Kang, Violet (AI), Joel Ong, Euglena (AI), Robert Twomey, Artificial Imagination-1 (AI) in performance.

I look forward to further development of these projects and ideas with the group.

From the POM website:

POM21 Intervention #3