Speaking on AI at SD Innovation Day

I was honored to speak on an AI panel with these luminaries (Yusu Wang, David Danks, Pelin Thorogood, and Greg Horowitt) for San Diego Innovation Day, September 14 2023. This was an excellent event. I also got to experience my second Craig Venter talk of the past month.


AI Explored: From Healthcare Innovation and Artistic Quests to Ethical Quandaries

September 14, 2023
1:05 – 1:35 PM

Venture into the vast implications of AI with insights from diverse disciplines. Explore philosophical dimensions and ethical dilemmas posed by AI’s integration into society. Uncover its transformative potential in healthcare, revolutionizing outcomes. Delve into the poetic interplay of art and technology, examining human-AI perception and the nuances of empathy. Discover cutting-edge methods to decipher and navigate the complexities of contemporary data. This panel illuminates AI’s multifaceted influence, spanning ethics, art, medicine and innovative analytical paradigms.

Link to session