Paper on Real Time AI at SLSA 2023

I presented a paper “The Future of Real-Time AI: Liveness, Co-Creation, and Participatory Play”—written with Ash Eliza Smith—for SLSA 2023 at ASU. This was part of a tremendous panel on “Contacting, Playing, and Designing with Aliens”, with a lively discussion.

Yanai Toister (Shenkar College of Engineering, Art and Design) and Nimrod Astarhan (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) – Speculative Antennology
Ash Eliza Smith (University of Nebraska) and Robert Twomey (University of Nebraska) – Real-Time: Liveness, Co-Creation, and Participatory Play
Ben Gansky (Arizona State University) Detecting the Alien: poetic, pharmakoic, and forensic object modes
Elpitha Tsoutsounakis (University of Utah) Ochre Alien: Iron Body