Exquisite Donut at 2016 VIA Festival


Collaboration with Dana Sperry on one segment of the Exquisite Donut project.

Extending “The Exquisite Corpse” into the digital world, the “Exquisite Donut” prompts artists to re-create the surrealist drawing game using the coding languages of OpenFrameworks and Processing. Following a set of rules artists create, anticipate and subvert one another’s drawings without having seen them–pushing the total work in new directions by anticipating what others might do. These digital drawings travel around a circular array, changing form and appearance.

Artists: Christopher Carlson, Elizabeth Henry, Jake Marsico, David Newbury, Jordan Parsons, Caroline Record, Dana Sperry + Robert Twomey, Pras Velagapudi, Nico Zevallos — Designed & Curated by David Newbury

For 2016 VIA Festival, Pittsburgh, PA.