Measuring Creative AI at ISEA

I’m excited that our workshop, Measuring Computational Creativity: Collaboratively Designing Metrics to Evaluating Creative Machines will be featured at ISEA2020 – Why Sentience? in Montreal in October. Eunsu Kang, Jean Oh, and I, together with ISEA participants, will develop metrics to assess computational creativity. We will address questions including:

How do we make a creative machine? Creativity is not a sudden burst out of blank space. It involves “a multitude of definitions, conceptualizations, domains, disciplines that bear on its study, empirical methods, and levels of analysis, as well as research orientations that are both basic and applied – and applied in varied contexts.” From Newell, Shaw, and Simon’s insights on computational creativity to Boden’s definitions such as combinational creativity, exploratory creativity, and transformational creativity, defining what kind of creativity, which is appropriate for the specific task of a machine, would be a sensible first step to build a creative algorithm/machine. Yet some questions remain. Can we computationally model ambiguity? Would a novelty search result in valuable discoveries? Where is the threshold between randomness and creativity? Last but not least, how do we evaluate the creativity of an algorithm? This workshop is a first attempt to establish evaluation metrics assessing computational creativity in our current international Arts and Machine Learning (ML) research renaissance.

You can read more about the preliminary programming here: