UChicago Text to Image Workshop


I gave a workshop with faculty and graduate students from the University of Chicago Digital Media Workshop and Poetry & Poetics Workshop on Machine Imagination: Text to Image Generation with Neural Networks.

Description: With recent advancements in machine learning techniques, researchers have demonstrated remarkable achievements in image synthesis (BigGAN, StyleGAN), textual understanding (GPT-3), and other areas of text and image manipulation. This hands-on workshop introduces state-of-the-art techniques for text-to-image translation, where textual prompts are used to guide the generation of visual imagery. Participants will gain experience with Open AI’s CLIP network and Google’s BigGAN, using free Google Colab notebooks which they can apply to their own work after the event. We will discuss other relationships between text and image in art and literature; consider the strengths and limitations of these new techniques; and relate these computational processes to human language, perception, and visual expression and imagination.┬áPlease bring a text you would like to experiment with!

Workshop link here: https://github.com/roberttwomey/machine-imagination-workshop