SIGGRAPH SPARKS – Robotics, Electronics, AI

I spoke at the April 30, ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community SPARKS event on Robotics, Electronics, AI, moderated by Hye Yeon Nam and Jan Searleman.

My talk, From Experimental Human Computer Interaction to Machine Cohabitation: New Directions in Art, Technology, and Intimate Life, explored human-computer cohabitation:

How do we prepare for a future living, working, and learning with machines? What new possibilities arise from the advent of always-on intelligent assistants, affordable co-robotic platforms, and ubiquitous AI? Now that we have invited the machines into our homes, our workplaces, our intimate everyday, how can we reimagine the terms of our human-computer interactions?

Through the presentation of a series of experimental arts projects, this talk addresses our machine cohabitant future. I will show key previous works building affective surrogates, developing inhabitable smart spaces, and situating machine observers with varying degrees of agency within shared environments. These projects lead to the discussion of my current work building embodied interfaces and staging experimental Human-Robot Interactions. I will raise critical concerns with language and communication, embodied intelligence, and the dynamics of model-limited experience within these contexts.

April 30, 2021 |