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RSS 2021 Workshop on Robotics x Arts

J responding to Robot arm drawing

I’m pleased to present a new artwork (Three Stage Drawing Transfer) at the RSS 2021 Workshop on Robotics x Arts!

I’ll also be a panelist for the discussion with Ken Goldberg, Kim Baraka, Patricia Alves-Oliveira, and Eunsu Kang. After years working with mechatronics and various kinds of automation, I’m really looking forward to this discussion with this brilliant group of panelists!

Speech Technologies Workshop, UNTREF


Talking To Machines

A short workshop introducing speech recognition and speech synthesis techniques for the creation of interactive artwork. We use pre-compiled open-source tools (CMU Sphinx ASR, Festival TTS, Processing, Python) and focus on the demonstrable strengths and unexpected limitations of speech technologies as vehicles for creating meaning.

Saturday Sept 21, 2-6pm Centro Cultural de Borges, UNTREF.

Masters Student Workshop, “Speech Technologies,” Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, C.A., Argentina