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Symposium on Media Literacy in the Age of AI

I’m co-hosting this symposium on “Media Literacy in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” April 12, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts at 1300 Q St. This is a part of our UNL Grand Challenges Planning Grant award with PI Bryan Wang.

Discover how AI shapes our digital lives and connect with experts on AI’s societal impact. Attendance is free. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

We will also screen the films from our AI Filmmaking Hackathon:

Featured Speakers:

Kjerstin Thorson (Brandt Endowed Professor of Political Communication (@msucomartsci ) explores digital media’s impact on news consumption in “Digital Platforms, Algorithms and the Future of News Consumption.”

Jevin D. West (Associate Professor and Co-Founder of the Center for an Informed Public @uwischool) uncovers AI’s role in misinformation in “Misinformation was Already Challenging — Then Came Generative AI.”

Cindy Shen (Professor and Co-Director of the Computational Communication Research Lab @ucdavis ) equips us to combat visual misinformation in “From Photoshop to Midjourney: Building Resilience Against Visual Misinformation.”

Performance-Lecture on Embodied Interaction at SLSA 2023

I gave a performance-lecture with Hortense Gerardo and CRANE, the co-robotic arm, for SLSA 2023 at ASU. Our talk discussed perceptions of embodied intelligence and trust in human-robot interaction. This piece builds off of our previous work Dances with Robots, for Heidi Latsky’s ON DISPLAY GLOBAL 2020, and leads towards our IDEAS performance “Beyond the Black Box” at the Qualcomm Institute in May of 2023.

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MAT Spring Seminar Series

I’m excited to present at the UCSB Media Art and Technology (MAT) Seminar Series on May 1st:

Communion and Cohabitation

Recent advances in generative and perceptive AI have radically expanded the breadth, scope, and sophistication of human-machine interactions. Whether through creative co-production, confessional communion, or quantified selves under machine observation—we have invited ML systems to participate in our innermost spaces. In this talk I discuss my research into machine cohabitation, exploring the ways that we share space with these technological others. Spanning smart environments, robotic automation, data science, and real-time performance, my projects explore emergent technological possibilities while centering human dynamics of the interactions. Are these acts of high tech ventriloquism, psychological self-stimulation, mediumistic extensions of a creative unconscious, or collaborations with computational others? However we decide these questions of autonomy and agency, the value of these systems lie in what they reveal about human imagination and desire.

May 1, 1-2pm PDT. Zoom Link:

MAT Seminar Web Page

Artist Talk, UNTREF

Artist talk for Masters Students in Aesthetics and Technology of New Media, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, C.A., Argentina. As part of my exchange/residency.

Talk at DAC 2009

On Monday, I presented my paper Not Me: Collaboration and Co-production with Language Processing Systems  at the Digital Arts and Culture conference 2009.

In the paper I discuss integration of language processing technologies into a studio practice, and language-based interaction in interactive artwork.

A lot of people I respect were in the room. It went… ok. It will only get better.