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URC Grant for Machine for Living

I’m thrilled to have been awarded a YSU University Research Council Grant sponsoring a new version of A Machine for Living In, engaging with the lived conditions of abandoned housing in the city. Stay tuned!

Strategic Investment Grant for AR/VR

I’m thrilled that we have been awarded a FY2018 Strategic Investment Funding grant from the YSU Budget Advisory Council  for Immersive Visualization and Collaborative Digital Work ($90k). This money will fund a 20-seat AR/VR lab on YSU campus for use by multiple departments to support new and existing curricula, including the nascent gaming program, and enable a vital new area of instruction and research on campus.

Co-authored with John Martin.

Workshop @ CMU: Reading and Writing Inhabited Space

This Friday I’m speaking to the Electronic Media Studio: Introduction to Interactivity students at CMU.

I’ll give a talk followed by a workshop and demo exploring artistic applications of smart home technologies. Topics include wireless sensing, computer vision, and machine listening to create narratives of inhabited space. We consider the creative possibilities and personal consequences of life with ubiquitous sensing, perceiving machines.


Course website:

Invited Talk at CSIS Colloquium Series

I am pleased to have been invited as the inaugural speaker for the YSU Computer Science and Information Systems Colloquium Series.

The talk is titled “Machine as Metaphor: Creative Computing to Understand Ourselves”, and presents a series of digital arts projects exploring the creative use of computation to gain insight into the intimate conditions of the everyday.    

  • CSIS Colloquium Series: Machine as Metaphor
  • Fri, October 27, 1pm – 2pm
  • YSU Meshel Hall, Room 337

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A Machine For Living In @ Westminster College

I am showing my project, A Machine For Living In, at the Foster Art Gallery at Westminster College.

A Machine For Living In is a digital media installation using smart technologies to explore the home as a site of intimate life. Incorporating video, sound, and sculpture, the project showcases machine observers and their memories of from within the artist’s home. Inspired by speculative science fiction and smart home technologies, this installation explores narratives of human-machine cohabitation. What emerges is a contemporary portrait of the everyday. 

Exhibition: August 28 – October 13th, Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm.

Opening: September 12, 4:30-6:30 PM

Where: Foster Art Gallery, Westminster College.

Press Release:

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