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Everyone As Someone I Know

Everyone As Someone I Know is an interactive video work exploring ideas of public/private persona and personal desire. This computer vision system uses software to graft imagery from a database of characters over the viewers’ faces, aiming for a surreal, psychological shock of disjunctive collage. The voices of the spectral inhabitants (Rauschenberg, Duchamp, Pope.L) can be heard throughout the gallery, coalescing when the viewer presents their face to the system. When identified on camera, the screen cuts to a close view grafting video of the stored personae onto the viewer’s face–both erasing their identity and imposing that of another.

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Saccade (2010) is an image-processing system addressing photographic memory and the individuated, subjective nature of looking. A false camera (implemented in software) recreates the shifting gaze of the viewer, dramatizing and recreating the fixations and saccadic jumps of the eye as it looks around within an image. Driven with gaze-data from an infra-red eye-tracking system, this program re-stages the particular movements and fixations of the viewer’s eye as they consider a series of photos, reanimating the process of looking in endless suspension on the gallery wall. Continue reading Saccade

Everyone as Someone I Know

Trained on images of friends, acquaintances, and role models, Everyone As Someone I Know  sees the world only in terms of people I know. As viewers’ faces are tracked in a live video screen, software grafts images from my database over their faces according to who they most resemble—re-editing identity, enabling a state of social play, and producing a novel visualization of a sociocultural network as an experimental interface device.

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World Picture Machine

An experimental visualization of visual/textual data. This project images internal rather than external space: in the same way that a camera pointed at the outside world produces an endless stream depicting a coherent visual world, this program assembles material from an internal collection to image an emergent interior world. It runs in the background on a computer, combining its selections of video, text, and imagery into an event rendered out live. A personal slideshow on methamphetamine.

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Engine Disassembly

The engine diassembly project was a series of actions in which I trained on assembling and disassembling a small gas engine, analogous to the disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly rehearsed by soldiers as a way of knowing, maintaining, and bonding with their weapons. That lost sort of mechanical intelligence. Cycles, circular motion, wasted energy.

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